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Direct and Indirect Quotations | Grammar Girl Direct Quotations. A direct quotation is when you’re directly quoting what someone said—word-for-word, not paraphrasing. You put direct quotations in quotation marks. So if you were hanging out with Squiggly in Ghirardelli Square, and you asked him if he wanted some chocolate covered cashews, and he looked at you with big eyes and simply said,... What are direct quotes in writing - answers.com Direct writing is the process of writing that involves direct action, facts, or speech. Effective writing usually contains a blen of direct and indirect writing styles. APA Style Blog: Direct quotations

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Paraphrases and Quotes | History | College of Liberal Arts ... Sometime you may decide to use a direct quote but want to avoid including a lengthy passage when the essential meaning that you want to include is much shorter. To replace unnecessary words in a quoted sentence, you may use an ellipses - a series of three periods followed by the remainder of the quotation. Paraphrasing, Patchwriting, Direct Quotes « EasyBib Maybe your instructor has talked about them. Or maybe you've seen them when using EasyBib's Notebook: quotes, paraphrases and comments. Not sure what each of these are, or how they work in the context of your paper? This guide will explain the differences among paraphrasing, patchwriting, and using a direct quote. How to Legally Use Quotations in Your Book - The Book Designer I am writing a children's biography on a person who is deceased, there are many quotes attributed to this person available from many sources such as other books (some written by the person himself and some written about him) and films. PDF Lead-ins, Quotes, and Commentary

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Writing & Citation Guide. This LibGuide connects ... What's the Difference? Summarizing; Paraphrasing; Direct Quote; How to Avoid Plagiarism. Quoting--- You ...

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A direct quotation is a report of the exact words of an author or speaker. Unlike an indirect quotation, a direct quotation is placed inside quotation marks. For example, Dr. King said, "I have a dream.". Direct quotations are commonly introduced by a signal phrase (also called a quotative frame), such as Dr. King said or Abigail Adams wrote. Direct Quotations and Paraphrasing Explained You can use direct quotations or paraphrasing to include someone else's writing or speech in your own writing. Direct quotations can be formatted as run-in or block quotations. Today's post explains direct quotations and paraphrasing in more detail…and you can quote me on that! Direct Quotations. Direct quotations present the original writer's or speaker's words verbatim. Direct quotations can be formatted as run-in or block quotations. Run-In Quotations. Run-in quotations are ... How to Use Indirect Quotations in Writing - thoughtco.com In writing, an indirect quotation is a paraphrase of someone else's words: it reports on what a person said without using the exact words of the speaker. Also called indirect discourse and indirect speech. An indirect quotation (unlike a direct quotation) is not placed in quotation marks. For example, Dr. King said that he had a dream.

One of the few places where a journalist can occasionally begin a story with a quote is in writing features - and then only in special cases. The most common use among young journalists is what one might call the sound effect quote, where the quotation is used to create an atmosphere for the feature.

Direct quotation - definition of direct quotation by The Free ... Define direct quotation. direct quotation synonyms, direct quotation pronunciation, direct quotation translation, English dictionary definition of direct quotation. Noun 1. direct quotation - a report of the exact words used in a discourse direct discourse report, account - the act of informing by verbal report; "he... Why Direct Quotes Can Spoil Your Paper A direct quotation is when you use a word or phrase that a person directly says or speaks. They are the direct words that you hear someone speaking. An indirect quote is different because the words are used to describe something that another speaker has spoken. Direct quotes need to be in quotation marks, while indirect quotes do not need to be. Correct Usage of Quotation Marks in Academic Writing Although they can be direct quotes, quotation marks are not used; special typefaces and formats are used instead to call attention to them. Writing Tips. Don't overuse quotation marks—whatever style guide you use, it's important that they be used correctly but sparingly. It is not always necessary to use them around words for emphasis. Always check to ensure that you are using the correct style for your discipline.

Paraphrasing, summarising and quoting Introduction In your assignments you will be expected to draw on the writing of experts in your field of study to demonstrate your understanding of key concepts, ideas and debates. E. Direct Quotes « EasyBib Direct quotes are copied, credited quotations from an original text that are used in your paper. If an author makes a poignant, well-written point, it can be useful to include a direct quote. Don't get too crazy, though—you still want to have your own voice in the writing, not just clippings of direct quotes from other sources.